I am Zoe the She~Panther

Zoe: “I heard the hoomans are all celebrating Black Cats today, how awesome is that? Mama calls me the She~Panther because that’s what they call female panthers. Now, I’m not really a panther. I’m a cat but she thinks it’s cute to refer to me as a She~Panther. I like it.”

“Now, I was sitting at the Animal Shelter in Michigan for many, many weeks. Mama & Papa lived in Wisconsin which is where I live now but, they came over to Michigan looking at us cats in the Shelter and there were A LOT of us. I was the only panther looking one but they didn’t even see me!”

How could they not see me, I was so cute!

“Mama was looking at all the little, little babies and testing them all out in another room. Well, Papa came in to take another look as he hadn’t seen any he was thrilled about and then he started looking at this other real cutie and I said to myself, Zoe, you gotta make your move NOW!”

“So, I went to my littler box and started to POO. Papa smelled it and looked right at me and I was ready. I looked him right in the eyeballs while I was stinking up the place and I grabbed his heart. He looked at me and said, “Wow, you’re healthy!” and he scooped me up and introduced me to Mama and that was it, here I am.”

“Join me in this short video where I patrol the perimeter doin’ my thing!”

Adios Meowchachas & Meowchachos,

Homestead Prowlers ~ Floki, Zoe & Otis


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