Feline Tunnels of Love

Hello Everyone,

It’s me ~ Floki!

Floki here! It has been bitter, bitter cold outside here in Wisconsin and we have been spending a lot of time indoors.


Otis ~ Who? Me?

Otis constantly follows the Hoomans from the Barnage to the house so he has been spending some time in the house but his house manners are real bad so Meowmy ends up carrying him back out to the Barnage when he displays super bad manners but she works with him everyday just like she did with me and Zoe.


Zoe ~ I like to warm myself by the fire

Zoe and I are content to hang in the Barnage curled up by the fire or some other warm spot of our choosing. Otherwise, we are thoroughly enjoying our winter toys and having lots of fun chasing each other and wrestling.


Valentine’s Day is coming up so here is our latest video celebrating this love filled holiday. Enjoy!

Also, if anyone knows what a Tummydiddelidoo is, please let us know. Meowmy can’t stop saying it now.

Take care ~ πŸˆπŸˆβ€β¬›πŸ˜Ί,

Homestead Prowlers

14 thoughts on “Feline Tunnels of Love

    1. Oh yes, opening the door to and fro is our PawPaw’s job. Meowmy practices tough love and says we can use the kitty door specially installed by PawPaw which is directly next to the hooman door if we want to go in and out. PawPaw can’t resist when we meow and look him right in the eyeballs to go in and out the hooman door so he opens it for us. Have a great weekend!


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