Floki Cat’s Winter Morning

Hello Furiends! Floki here!

It was very, very cold this morning!

I spent the night with Zoe and Otis in our heated Barnage (Barn + Garage = Barnage). We have two kinds of heat in there. One is a Modine gas furnace and the other one is a wood burning stove. Our Pawrents keep the stove going all day and into the night but since we are not able to keep the fire going ourselves all night then the natural gas furnace kicks on for us when the fire goes out. It’s pretty cool and keeps the place nice and warm and cozy.

Breakfast was super delicious today and packed full of protein and I had the best eating spot, too! We had some raw chicken meatballs Meowmy made plus some canned rabbit from Evangers to make the meal nice and stinky for us.

Yummy to my tummy! Zoe’s diggin’ the fresh meat meals but Otis had to go back on pure canned cat food from the store until Meowmy figures out what his deal is. He seems rather finicky. This was a bit surprising to all of us so she is starting from scratch with Otis and will work on switching him over to the raw meat diet very slowly. VERY slowly.

After breakfast I fell right into my after breakfast rituals of lickin’ my lips and grooming myself in the sunlit window.

It was almost like going to the spa. Then I sniffed Meowmy’s coffee which smelled gross so I turned around to see what was on the TV. Meowmy calls it The Vault of Ambiance (on YouTube) and she finds it very relaxing. Not me, I thought it was weird but there were little flying things on the screen so it caught my interest for a moment.

I thought I wanted to go outside so I asked Meowmy to open the people door for me instead of just using my special pet door. Meowmy usually doesn’t oblige me but, I mean, she was standing right there! She opened the door for me and Otis ran out, too. Boy, that was a big mistake! Our toe beans did NOT appreciate the frigid temperatures this morning, not at all! We turned our butts straight around and came home FAST!

I was so cold that I ran straight for Otis’ heated condo to warm up my bones! That’s my winter morning in a nutshell or in a 2:33 minutes video:

We hope you enjoyed visiting with us today and we’ll see ya real soon!

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8 thoughts on “Floki Cat’s Winter Morning

  1. I wouldn’t have stayed outside for long either. That’s mighty cold.

    I love how your peeps have set up your digs to be warm all the time.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday. That video was pawsome. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I can tell you that Otis is not totally into it at the moment but we’re hoping to purrsuade him. Wish us luck! 😺 You all have a lovely day, too and we shall visit you real soon. Sending hugs to yous all!


    1. Sorry for the late reply, we missed your comment somehow. Otis did like raw noms until Meowmy went a little gung ho with the vitamins. She’ll have to scale back as there is something in there he doesn’t like. We’re thinking it might be the vitamin B. Ya polar vortex can go adios, suppose to be 40 in the next couple days! Yay!


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