Zoe Cat Wants To Come Inside The House

Hi! Zoe here! It was a sunny day today but no matter the weather, one of my most favorite things to do is to try and guess when our Purrents might be going into the house or coming out of the house so I can sneak in when they’re comin’ in or out. Otis does this as well.

Otis: “Who me?”

Floki, not so much. Meowmy thinks Floki is happy to have a moment or two by himself so wherever we are, he does the opposite. Otis is rather demanding on Floki’s time.

Floki: “I like my me time.”

In the below short video, I forget that the back door is not open in Winter. Why is it not open? Well, because the wind comes in at the bottom so it’s all blocked off until it warms up some. Our Purrents are talking about getting a new back door, a new stoop and a new deck. Holy cow, that would be really disturbing to us cats!

So, even though I forgot I can’t get in that way… again…. I have an easy shortcut that makes our Meowmy smile because it involves using a pet door our PawPaw installed for us in the fence. He did this because I don’t climb over like Otis and Floki do so he wanted to make sure that I have a way to easily get in and out of the fenced in zone when it is gated in the growing season. He also installed another pet door in the fence on the other side of the yard.

Now, Meowmy would like you to ignore the dirty floor but, clearly, someone forgot to remove their shoes (a few times) before going inside and now Meowmy has to wash the floor ~ again.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll be talking to you real soon!

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