April Gardening Tour With Floki Cat

Hi! Floki here! It still looks a bit dreary round these parts but you can see that the grass is starting to turn green. It’s turning green quite fast and as things dry up more and more ’round here, our Purrents will have a lot of sticks to pick up.

You can’t see all the branches that good but you can see how wet and muddy it is. These sticks are a favorite of mine. I play with ’em and scratch myself on ’em. Feels real good!

Meowmy planted garlic for the first time last fall and look how nice it’s doing! She was so happy to see it growing. All 3 types she ordered from MI Gardener (Ivan Hardneck Garlic, Persian Star Garlic and Chesnok Red Purple Stripe) are growing vigorously! Me and Zoe check on them everyday. Please remember that garlic is toxic for us cats so if you are a cat, don’t eat it!

These are the Ivan garlics. They look the most substantial of all three. Ivan is a strong name so maybe that’s why. It’s also the name of Meowmy’s Dad that’s why she picked that one. She also made sure to choose all hardneck varieties because they do better in cold climates and are supposed to be more flavorful than softneck varieties. Also, none of the deer or other critters touch the stuff so it is located outside the fenced in zone.

In the front of the house, we planted a bunch of Christmas trees to block out the neighbors. Meowmy likes to create as much privacy as possible. Us cats love the new 10 foot trees! There are 4 ten footers in total now. Our Purrents are in the process of staking them because this big one got blown right out of the hole with overnight winds in excess of 18mph!

And this other one didn’t come out of the hole but it, too, got blown over crooked.

Here is Otis hanging out underneath one of the new trees in the evening.

In addition to privacy, Meowmy was hoping the trees would provide protection and homes to birds and look! A potential snack for us is growing in the crooked tree right above Otis’ head!

Them birds sure didn’t waste time taking up residence! Don’t tell Meowmy I called it a potential snack, ok? She wouldn’t like that I said that.

This very morning it was snowing here in Wisconsin, just a little bit and so Otis thought it was a good time to check on Meowmy’s cabbage babies. He sneezed all over them, too! Gross. Maybe he has a cold, he’s been a big sneezer lately.

Well, folks, I got some ‘splorin’ to do. Maybe try to catch some Walleye or somethin’.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube, Rumble or BitChute. We are also on GAB.


16 thoughts on “April Gardening Tour With Floki Cat

  1. I love the flag on your porch too. Excellent and the trees are really nice. It’s a good place for the birds to live. Okay you can watch bird tv too.

    Pass some of that garlic. Yummy.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! I wonder if rabbits might do that? They don’t come up by our house on account of Otis. We have planted onion seeds in the same area. We will have to see what happens with it. It could all get eaten at some point but so far so good!


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