Zoe Cat In The Garden

Hi! Zoe here comin’ at ya from Wisconsin Zone 5A where ya never know if it’s gonna be nice out or if it’s gonna snow!

Will you look at this beautiful plant? This photo is special for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge. If you like flowers, you gotta visit Cee’s FOTD because there’s all kinds of beauty over there!

Momma says this is Creeping Phlox. It’s the first plant to start flowering in our garden besides weeds.

I am also in this photo but you gotta look real hard to see me. I’m on the other side of the fence – to the right of the fence post. I look like a little black smudge.

This Creeping Phlox plant is getting large so Momma is going to divide it into 5 or 6 plants once it’s done flowering to spread around our garden area. As those pieces grow bigger it will help to keep the weeds down. It will also cover more area where I won’t be able to dig and do my daily business in the garden.

Momma and I have been tending to these garden vegetables.

We had to start over on our Delicious and San Marzano tomatoes because we kept them too wet once they sprouted and they went KAPUT. Luckily, there is plenty of time and we have new sprouts already.

Momma found quite a few catnip plants coming up in odd areas so she dug ’em up and has arranged them nicely in one area. Floki and I already had a few sniffs and maybe a taste….

One of our next projects will be to hang up all these ferns on the front porch but it’s too cold at night for them to stay outside so they have been sitting out in the back on the deck and going in our Barnage at night. I like playing in them. Aren’t they so colorful?

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube, Rumble or BitChute. We are also on GAB.


8 thoughts on “Zoe Cat In The Garden

    1. Thank you! Momma’s Mama brought the creeping Phlox from her garden so we don’t know what cultivar it is but Grandmama always finds the most interesting plants.

      Planting now beats planting too early. We definitely planted the first round of tomato seeds too early (February!) We won’t do that next year. I’m thinking 2nd week of April would have been good. We only did our restarts just a few days ago.

      Enjoy your seedlings, it’s so exciting!


  1. You are a most beautiful girl kitty. I’m sure you’re told that often. I love those hanging ferns. It will be nice to put them up with it gets warmer.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

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