Cats In The Columbine!

Hi! Floki Here!

I’ve just come inside to visit a little bit with Momma for rubs and then I shall slip under this here bed for a long, peaceful, worry free nap.

Will ya look at all of this Columbine! Wowser Mc Bowser!

Zoe was enjoying relaxing among the Columbine, too.

Until she got distracted by the little man.

Momma is really so very thrilled that Otis

has chosen her beautiful Spring garden as the place where he brings back all of his protein choices for storage AND consumption. It could be why these Columbine flowers are so bountiful, though, and also why we are hangin’ out in this particular spot. He left us a few remnants, we were just cleaning up after him.

The poor Little Man! What atrocities he has probably witnessed!

Look, Zoe’s even lickin’ her chops! Ha! Caught in the act!

Let us forget the turn this post has taken and we’ll just show you the beautiful flowers. Please pardon the weeds, Momma is trying to get everything planted before she starts the detailing process.

Now, think of the Hummingbirds fluttering around from flower to flower sipping on the sweet nectar of nature while we are inside sleeping.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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Now, I want ya to know that this here post is purrticipatin’ in Cee’s Flower Of The Day challenge. All ya have to do is post a photo of a flower and, boom, that’s all ya need. Or you can make an all day affair out of it like Momma does. Snappin’ photos and writin’ a little somethin’ somethin’. Don’t furget to either link your post to Cee’s post (pingback like we did) or add your link in the comments section (of Cee’s post not ours).

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16 thoughts on “Cats In The Columbine!

    1. Oh no! Something ate your Columbine flowers! That is very disappointing. We are trying to find something to plant in the cracks that you can walk on. Our ideas were Spanish Moss or Lemon Thyme. We can’t find Lemon Thyme seeds anywhere 😫 and we’re not that excited about Spanish Moss. We did see that some type of violet or pansy looking thing is growing where it spread by itself into some of the cracks so we might go with it. Enjoy your garden, guys!


  1. Oh, I am envious of your beautiful columbines! I have one pinkish purple one, which some yucky green worms are trying to eat and the rest are wild one, they have an orangey yellow flower. Lots of those, too are being systematically chewed into bare stems. Phooey:(

    our kitties know a good place to have their ‘feasts’!

    Liked by 1 person

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