A Different Kinda Prowler

Hi, it’s me, Momma of the Homestead Prowlers!

Obviously, Floki, Zoe and Otis would be classified as predators in our backyard animal kingdom but they have never received this type of reception from the Geese that I witnessed last evening.

I’ve spent WAY too many hours observing geese these last 3 years and they talk all the time. They have their honking that I’m sure everyone is familiar with, like when they are flying overhead. This is a very loud honking that is repeated. I always wondered if they communicate like a team with instructions and motivation. I also noticed that if there are other geese on the ground, they will honk like that back. Almost as if saying hello to the ones flying overhead.

Another sound they make that you may not have noticed is like a very low grunting sound which I have noticed in the spring when the Goose parents come with their babies. Like they are talking to their kids. During this time when I put corn and seeds out, I will put a pile for each family and well spaced out because while they are raising their goslings they are VERY territorial with each other. Babies included! We have seen several goslings get reprimanded by other family units for getting mixed up in the wrong family.

Today, they are still in their family units and require spacing from other families but once the goslings wings are developed and they are ready to learn to fly then they will come together as a flock.

I mention this because in the video, you will see they are not concerned about spacing at all!

The third sound, is between the low grunting and the loud honking. It’s in the middle volume wise but you will here it in the video and it won’t raise alarm in your mind. I’ll call it kind of a squawk honk.

When I initially heard it I didn’t think too much about it until ALL the geese came running from all different directions and some were rather far away. I wasn’t quick enough to film that part but all the geese family units just started running as fast as they could go for our backyard or Nature’s Nursery is what I call it. The goslings, too with their half formed wings just a flappin’ and waddling from side to side it was really quite a sight!

I thought the head Goose, who we call Bandit because he’s banded with a silver bracelet on his leg, was calling in the troops because it was time to go into the Marsh. Now, they do all wander over to the back each evening to sail away in the Marsh during the last bit of sunset but I’ve never heard them being called and they don’t come all at once and they’re not running.

So, I walked over there and this is what I saw. The video is about one minute.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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8 thoughts on “A Different Kinda Prowler

  1. Those geese weren’t having that possum anywhere near them. They are loud and we have lots at our marina. I always make sure my mouth is closed when they fly overhead.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

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