The Daily 6pm A** Whoopin’

Hi! Otis here!

I gotta big problem! Do you all remember that Zoe was not really too happy with that Maria Tramp? Well, Maria who we now think might be a Mario (PawPaw got a pretty good look at him the other night) has taken to attacking me around 6pm every evening. He’s been beating me up! Look at this!

Momma wanted to shave around the area to be able to see the wound better and keep it clean but I wasn’t that cooperative so Momma held me down while PawPaw did the best he could. Here’s a closer look.

Momma thought I had not been acting like myself for awhile now. I have been nervous, not very hungry, I stopped prowling around and choose to sleep either in the house in Momma’s office on her chair (we share) or out in the Barnage in my condo. It was like I lost my personality and became depressed.

I am very happy that the secret is out and everyone is helping to protect me. See Zoe in the background? She’s making sure Mario doesn’t sneak up behind me.

So, what’s the plan? Well, I’m not exactly sure but since my Purrents figured out that I have a stalker, we have been moved to temporary quarters for the nights. Floki is not happy about this arrangement.

This morning when they let us out we went into the Barnage where there was a cage with a plate in it, that was EMPTY! Both the plate and the cage!

I heard PawPaw say it was a Havahart Trap for Mario because he has got to go if he doesn’t want to get along with me. The good news is that Mario went in this cage to eat the food PawPaw placed in there. The bad news is that he didn’t step on the plate to activate the trap.

We shall try again tonight! Well, I’m gonna hang out on the front porch and check out all the petunias for a bit.

Happy Father’s Day to our PawPaw who always takes such good care of us and loves us so much!

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This post is purrticipatin’ in the Sunday Selfies blog hop hosted by The Cat On My Head.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

16 thoughts on “The Daily 6pm A** Whoopin’

    1. Right? It’s terrible fer sure but now that my Purrents understand my dilemma, they have taken steps to protect me. When Mrio gets captured he’s going to the Humane Society to get some care, get neutered and then they will place him as a barn cat where he can get along with others. He’s pretty smart tho so, catching him could prove rather difficult.


  1. Ouch! That looks painful. I am sorry the stalker is bothering you. I hope your Dad brings him to a no-kill shelter so he can get a good home too.

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  2. I’m sorry you’re getting picked on and yes, Mario needs a snip n’ tuck, that should calm him down. Happy Father’s Day to your very special Dad and to Father’s everywhere!

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  3. Otis! We are sorry that you have a stalker! Mario is a pretty smart cat but we bet your Dad is smarter than he is and Mario with eventually get cuaght. snipped and go to a better home. Our nemesis, across the street, has actually been playing with us, instead of terrorizing us since he got snipped! Happy Fathers day to your wonderful Dad, and we hope you have a marvellously happy week!

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