Please Don’t Eat The Flowers!

Hi! Otis here!

Look, Momma planted these really pretty sunflowers in her garden from seeds. Now, she wishes she woulda planted a lot more but she was testing this year to see if she liked them in her garden or not. Well, she loves them! Absolutely loves them! I like them, too. They are great for smacking! Nice and big, substantial!

This one here is called Velvet Queen. It is deemed rare by whoever. Hopefully it wasn’t some type of sales tactic but sometimes Momma pays Two Dolla Fifty Cents for like 100 seeds and when it says rare they only send like 10 seeds.

You will notice some of our photos say Pure Glory Homestead on them. That’s where we live, at the Pure Glory Homestead. Pure Glory all the time. Glory Be!

Here is a closer look at the rare Velvet Queen Sunflower.

Ok, maybe it’s not that rare but we like anything a little different and this one makes the cut. Da leaves are nice, too.

You can also see the flowers are purr~tected from the Deerski Family by the Deer Busters Fence. Momma and PawPaw ordered the Deerbusters Fence online and then bought all the wood and made their own fence. It turned out su~purrr~b!

Now, Momma tried one other sunflower called the Autumn Beauty. It’s beautiful but she thought it would be more orangeish.

Ok, now, here’s me and Floki at the Pure Glory Homestead havin’ a Glorious time!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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This post is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge!


4 thoughts on “Please Don’t Eat The Flowers!

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen a sunflower like your gorgeous orange one!! We had some ‘volunteers’ from the feeders, but today the squirrels destroyed the bigger ones. They like them too…sigh…I can’t keep those rascals away…at least they were not able to climb up the stems to access the feeder seeds, LOL!

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    1. Those squirrels! I miss having them around even though they liked to help themselves to the feeders. Instead of squirrels, we have red winged blackbirds that completely devour any seeds I put out. Way worse than squirrels. Oh well!


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