The Aliens Are Here!

Hi! Otis here!

Where was Zoe with her Skull Crusher Moves when I needed her! I never thought we’d run into beings from another dimension so soon.

These bird like creatures wanted me to pay a toll in order to pass but I didn’t have no currency! Shouldn’t I be the one demanding a toll from THEM since they are the visitors? Plus they’re helping themselves to all the corn we put out for the Deerski Family!

Happy Caturday, Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube or Rumble.

10 thoughts on “The Aliens Are Here!

  1. Oh Oh!! Reversal of roles!! Cats mostly stalk the birds, but here this pair is shooing Otis away!! LOL! They seem protective, maybe they have a youngster close by?

    Did you know these birds mate for life? We have lots of them around here too. I see them on the grounds where I work, in the field across from me, in other fields when I drive around, and even they were at my dentist’s place. We have several nature preserves where they gather in huge flocks before they migrate south for the winter. Those birds do not have to be seen to be recognized, they sure do have a very distinctive call. And I love to watch them do their flying dances. So synchronized!

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    1. That’s for sure! They had a little one earlier in the season but it didn’t make it. Not because of our cats or anything. Same thing last year. But I think it was because of the bad storms and flooding. The first year they were successful and it was such a treat to watch them raise the babies. They had two and stopped caring for one and it kept falling more and more behind which was sad. That’s when I started reading about them. Apparently, it’s normal to have two and then the parents take care of the stronger one. So, that was kinda sad to watch the other one get weaker and weaker and then one day we didn’t see him anymore. Last year we noticed them gathering in the corn fields in fall, they stayed much later in the season than I realized and there were sooo many! There sound is why I call them aliens. They have that loud call and then they also have a soft sound they use on the ground, you can barely hear it but it’s like purring but more alien-like. We also love the dancing action!


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