The Story Of Our Friend, Auntie

Hi! Floki here!

Auntie is a member of The Deerski Family. Momma and PawPaw had to build that fence you’ve seen in many of our photos and videos to keep The Deerski Family from eating all of our flowers and vegetables.

Auntie got her name last year because she was always with Mother Deerski and her two babies so we thought she was the Auntie.

Back then, we recognized her because she always hung close by the little family but never directly with them, almost like she was the lookout deer while the family came to eat some corn we put out for them. Auntie would always eat last.

One day late last summer or early fall, Auntie showed up with a very badly broken leg. PawPaw called it a compound fracture. It looked super bad and we wondered how it happened.

We thought she was done. We sadly watched her hobble along, getting skinny and generally not looking too good. As long as Auntie was walking around and coming for food, Momma and PawPaw said leave her be. Some Hoomans suggested we put her out of her misery.

The last time last year that Momma saw Auntie, her leg was swollen, purple and you could see clearly the bone sticking out. Then we didn’t see any of the deer through late fall and winter.

We thought we’d seen the last of poor Auntie and hoped she didn’t suffer. We wondered if we made the wrong decision and should have put her down but Momma doesn’t think we should interfere in this manner because sometimes miracles happen.

This spring, we were shocked and extremely happy to see Auntie show up for some corn. Her leg looked thick with calcification but it was no longer purple, just a little dirty from going through the mud. She walks on it, too!

We enjoyed seeing Auntie on a regular basis again and looked forward to her evening visits all spring and summer. She is always with two young bucks and we wonder if those were the two young babies from last year. We wonder if hunters may have gotten their Mother because we haven’t seen her since last year.

Then we noticed that Auntie looked pregnant! A little while after that she came bouncing out of the Marsh with two little babies following her! We were so happy for her and marveled at all she’d been through in one year!

One day recently, a neighbor came over and said that someone hit a deer out on the County road directly across from our house. We hadn’t seen Auntie for a day so our Purrents got in the car to go see if it was Auntie. They couldn’t tell for sure so they drove by for a couple of days and we still hadn’t seen Auntie around. It was very depressing!

PawPaw drove by again and said he thought he could see Auntie’s broken leg so that was her and she was dead. Momma had to see again, too, to make sure.

Now, Momma thought it was weird that the location of the hit deer was not directly across from our house as the neighbor had indicated. The deer was pretty far down from us and Momma wasn’t convinced she could see any evidence of Auntie’s broken leg. However, several days after the county finally picked up that deer we still hadn’t seen Auntie and Momma accepted that it must have been her.

The two young bucks kept on coming by every evening and we worried about Auntie’s babies. We did see the two babies eventually with an older female so we figured they would be ok.

Then, just the other night, Momma was trying to film the two young bucks because they are very lively and make everyone smile with their antics. Well, guess who came strolling along! Here is Momma’s reaction:

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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