Enjoying The Wildlife

Hi! Momma of the Homestead Prowlers here!

In a previous blog post, we told you all about the deer named Auntie. If you missed it, you can read her dramatic story here.

We always find the interaction between the Prowlers and the wildlife that inhabits our area to be so interesting as well as quite amazing.

There have been two young bucks visiting in the evening and we’ve really been enjoying watching them run around, chasing each other and play fighting. I wish I could get that on camera before they grow up too much and become rivals for territory and women. I think we still have some time so I’ll keep trying.

However, Cujo might be coming from Canada. Yes, soon we will have another character to add to our family. Two characters, actually, Cujo and my Mom!

My Mom and her dog are coming to live with us! She sold her house where she grew up and the closing is today! She has her pickup truck and whatever would fit and that’s it. The USA is not letting Canadians cross the border by land yet so we’re not sure they will let her come. I read it’s a case by case basis. If she can’t drive across she will book a plane ticket and have her truck shipped. It would be much better if she can drive over, though.

My Mom’s dog’s name is Bella not Cujo. I call her Cujo because she aggressively chases anything that moves such as squirrels and rabbits. Bella thinks they are toys….. Floki and Zoe have met Bella before but Otis and Bella have not been introduced yet.

Bella is an old girl now so hopefully she won’t feel too much like chasing anyone but we will have to make some changes around here to make sure all are safe.

So, I don’t know if the deer will be afraid with Bella around or not and I may not get to video our two young buck visitors playing. I may also be busy getting my Mom settled in for the next few weeks. I did get the one young buck who came visiting a few nights ago. I’ll let Otis make the introduction.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube or Rumble.

16 thoughts on “Enjoying The Wildlife

  1. Awww, what a lovely video. So precious.

    I’ve a friend that has a sister that lives in Canada and so far she can’t visit her sister here. Makes it hard to visit family and friends.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

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  2. I just heard that I as an fully vaxxed resident iof the USA, (Alien resident…sheesh I HATE that term…), can go across the border now, but that Canadians can’t as yet come here. Good grief, does that mean I can go to visit my sister and my cousins but not be able to get back to my own home?? Hmmm, this is troubling. I think I will stick to phone and computer visits…

    I think its amazing hope you were able to ‘capture’ those young bucks! Did you see the eyelashes on Mr Hungry?? The kitties don’t seem to phase them one bit!

    Bella might be another story, though. Even at the age of 15, before he really got hit with old age issues, MJF would chase/bark at anything other than us.
    Hope your Mom will be allowed to come be with you. Best wishes for safe travels.

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    1. Yep, the US border literally told my Mom it was OK for the people crossing illegally on the southern border but she was not allowed to cross and it didn’t matter if she’s a decent person or not. So, they turned her back around…. and then the Canadians were worried that she put her foot down on American soil because if she did then I guess she would be contaminated with Delta or something. OMG! Do not go to Canada by car just yet, I honestly don’t think they would let you come home. It’s just unclear, there’s no information for special circumstances. The border is supposed to open for Cannadians to come to the US on the 22nd BUT the border agent said they might cancel that because of Delta Covid. The Good news is we can all fly back and forth if your fully vaccinated. My Mom is so she might fly but Bella dog is very old and it would be better to drive plus, if Mom flies, she will basically come here with nothing. All she has now is her truck, her dog and whatever fit in her pickup. It’s like a country song, for real.


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