The Glorious Tickseed!

Hi! Floki here!

Look at me sittin’ in dis glorious golden field of tickseed (also known as Coreopsis)!

We don’t get too much wild flowers growing in our area cause da Deerski Family eats ’em all! Momma is learning which wild flowers will not get eaten so she can sprinkle ’em around. Dese here tickseeds she did not plant, dey are everywhere in our area.

We noticed da Bees and butterflies love dem so we are happy ’bout dat!

Momma also noticed as she was researchin’ dat she has 3 types of tickseed. Der’s da kind in da field dat I’m sittin’ in and den two types she planted. One look like dis:

And d’another looks like dis:

Da wild stuff come up at da end of summer and stay for a while. Da one wid some burgundy on it has been bloomin’ for a while already and da short bushy one has been bloomin’ all summer and it’s still goin’.

Now, Otis got somethin’ ta say.

Hi! Otis here!

Good Day! Grab yer coffee or beverage of choice and prepare to get excited fer yer day! We got da music, da flowers and da action to get yer heart a pumpin’. We’re thankin’ da Good Lord fer da beauty of da season. Ya won’t be able to resist puttin’ yer hands together to clap along on dis one so after I said grab your drink, now I’m sayin’ ya might want to put it down. We hope this brings a smile to yer face!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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