Cats Master Downward Facing Dog

Hi! Zoe Cat here!

Yes, we (cats in general) have been mastering Downward Facing Dog for centuries now. When one is pondering doing something very important or even not that important, Downward Facing Dog will help you decide to jump in the frying pan or turn around and walk away and come back later. It all depends and it is completely up to the individual.

In this video, me and Floki use Downward Facing Dog while we contemplate whether we should use the pet door or just wait for the Purrents to open the people door for us.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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6 thoughts on “Cats Master Downward Facing Dog

  1. Woofs! We love your downward Dog!! When we do that we want to play!!
    You have lots of snow! We have none. it was almost 50F here today…and yesterday and tomorrow, too…and no rain in the near future either.

    Enjoy your great outdoors, snowy or not!
    PS: We have three doggy doors at our den, we go through two of them to get outside when the big door is opened for us…(They are in the storm doors…)

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    1. Oh yeah! That’s probly why it’s called downward dog! It’s going to be 59 degrees here tomorrow, unbelievable! We are unable to enjoy the outdoors because a pack of coyotes has moved in. We been locked up! Henry will be taking care of them which we don’t really feel too good about but it’s us or them and they already killed and ate several deers. We were happy to see Mario this morning because we thought he got eaten. Pet doors are the best when our hoomans ain’t lookin’! Take care you guys!


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