Floki Cat Is Thankful The Price Of Chicken Is Still Reasonable

I’m Floki and I like homemade Chicken Ballz

Hi! Floki here!

Last year Momma learned that us cats are Obligate Carnivores. So, since last New Year’s Momma has spent the last year weaning us off the kibble and doing research on making our food homemade.

In the beginning Otis wouldn’t touch the homemade stuff. So, Momma put out canned food for him but he just really liked the kibble, I guess.

I’m Otis and I like da kibble.

So, we get a little of everything now. Me and Zoe Cat really like the homemade chicken ballz but Momma doesn’t always have time to prepare them so sometimes we get canned food from da store.

Since the kibble is out for Otis, me and Zoe have a nibble here and there on that, too. The kibble makes Zoe’s eyes leak but they’re better now that the kibble is not a huge part of her diet anymore.

Over the year, Otis has been gravitating more and more to Momma’s chicken ballz and the canned food but he still likes his kibble!

Join me for breakfast and you can have some of my leftovers!

You can find the information and recipe for making your own cat food at: catinfo.org

Thanks for stoppin’ by and we’ll talk to ya real soon!

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15 thoughts on “Floki Cat Is Thankful The Price Of Chicken Is Still Reasonable

  1. You are a gorgeous kitty. Our cat bro Bert eats everything and anything. We don’t think he even bothers to chew, just gulps it down. But he also eats toys and paper which make him sick. He is a bit of a problem child I guess. Enjoy your food!


  2. I wanted to switch my older cats to raw so I went with Darwin Raw, for $15 you can try it and they send you a bunch of it. We tarted off good, but then they refused it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I think some cats will accept it and like it and others just want what they want. I will look that up to try it. We also add a spoonful of Evangers canned Rabbit to our chicken ballz when we have it. I ran out and we are waiting for the delivery. It’s just rabbit, though, not a complete meal.


  3. You sure chowed down on that chicken delight! I sometimes wonder if Angel Minko would have done better at the outset of his chronic illness on home-made noms…but he did get canned food He rarely touched the (Grainfree) kibbles that were always available as a snack.

    Us pups get freeze dried raw food on top of our regular grainfree kibbles, too. That would be our sole nutrition if petcretary had more time and funds…she says sometimes that we eat better than her, LOL!

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    1. It is very time consuming making the cat food although, now that we’ve done it a few times it seems easier and goes a little faster. If we had a proper meat grinder it would be even better but we’re just using our kitchenaid mixer meat grinder attachment. It is slow going, gets clogged and will probably burn out the motor so we are looking for a proper grinder. Then, it will go even faster. Making dog food was a whole weekend experience. Not sure I would do all that again due to time constraints and it can get expensive depending where you live.


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