Zoe Cat’s Trailer

Hi! Zoe Here!

This is my trailer. I let PawPaw borrow it to go get some wood for our woodburning stove. It’s the least I could do since the stove is one of my favorite sources of heat. This type of heat is better for our bones than the gas heater. There is nothing like the warmth that comes off a wood burning stove, it just seeps right into ya and feels so good!

Sometimes it gets too hot, though and then I go and hang out behind my trailer like this.

Ok, guys, now it’s a little too hot in here!

I really like it when the wood starts going down and we get to the bottom of the trailer and I lay down on all the little sticks or as Momma calls them, the kinklings. She ends up sweeping them up to use them to start fires for the next load of wood. In between loads she puts my pillow on the bottom and that’s where I like to relax at night.

HOWEVER, there are times when PawPaw uses the trailer for stuff I really don’t like! Like construction stuff! I DO NOT DO CONSTRUCTION! NO, no, no, no and NO. My girlish ways just can’t handle it. Let me explain:

Thanks for stoppin’ by and we’ll talk to ya real soon!

If you love cats and their antics please come visit the Homestead Prowlers on YouTube or Rumble.


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20 thoughts on “Zoe Cat’s Trailer

    1. The woodburning stoves are super dirty, too. We would never put one in the house unless it was a gas one. Ours is in the man cave in an outbuilding. Ashes and bits of wood get all over the place, we are constantly cleaning it up, LOL!


  1. We have wood burners here even tough everyone has electricity * sigh *. There are so many it affects the air in our small valley. I agree 100% that the cleaning and maintenance is a bit heavy but it does looks super useful for keeping cats warm and happy, so what can you do – you light the fire and keep your cats warm!

    Happy New Year!

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  2. Happy New Year!!

    Good thing your big huge room has a nice warm wood stove to keep you and your brofurs warm and toasty! And we love the pick ‘For Zoe Only’ bed in the trailer:)

    Unfortunately we cannot have a wood stove here, or a fireplace, due to the way our home is built…or more properly and a better excuse is, any time *she* gets near a wood fire it makes her asthma kick into high gear:(

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    1. Happy New Year to yous, too! Let us tell ya! The wood stove is nice but we wouldn’t one in the house, we’d go for gas. Those wood burning stoves are a mess! LOL! They do have some real nice gas burning stoves that we would love to put in the house, though.


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