Calendar Girl

Hallo! Zoe here!

I am back inside the Big House because that’s what I do. I come in, then I go out, then I come in, then I go out, then I come, then I go out. They should just put in a revolving cat door for me.

This time, Momma was cooking the dinner, the Hooman dinner. Skillet Lasagna and Rustic Rolls. Sounds good fer Hooman food. I like to be with Momma so that’s why I came back in this time.

I love to roll around on my purrents bed to get Momma’s attention while she is trying to attend to cooking the dinner. I’m a huge distraction. I mean look at all these pics of me while she’s supposed to be busy with the dinner!

She has a calendar book, brand new for 2022, I guess. No one knows why she keeps it on the bed all the time. Very strange.

I like whatever Momma likes and we can share, can’t we?

What ya writin’ in this book anyways? Secret recipes?

Oh, she says she writes down what she wants to get accomplished and what she actually did accomplish along with some sayings she runs across that she wants to remember. What kinda sayings, Momma?

Focus on your dreams, not your troubles? Wow, that’s deep. I shall think on that.

Thanks for stoppin’ by and we’ll talk to ya real soon!

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8 thoughts on “Calendar Girl

  1. You’d make a great calendar girl too. Not the calendar on the bed. Just saying.

    I laughed about the out and in, out and in, out and in and out and in. That’s what cats do.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to your mom. ♥

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