Otis Cat Tells Us About The Sage Plant

Somewhere in Northeast Wisconsin

Otis ~I was looking for catnip but all I found was this sage.

The sage plant is a hardy perennial in zones 5 to 8 and is part of the mint family. Is it just me, or do the tops look they’re growing? It’s January in Wisconsin…..

In spring, I know this plant will get a purple flower spike. The deer don’t eat any part of the plant, either, so we have tons of it everywhere.

Sage also has a lot of health benefits and tastes great in Rachael Ray’s Penne Wise Pumpkin Penne. Momma makes this all the time and adds chicken breast to it. Try it and enjoy!

Thanks for stoppin’ by and we’ll talk to ya real soon!


We are purrticipatin’ in Cee’s Flower of The Day Challenge and XingfuMama’s Whatsoever Is Lovely Challenge. Check them out!


16 thoughts on “Otis Cat Tells Us About The Sage Plant

    1. We love toasted sage and rosemary with oven-roasted slices of sweet potato. And mama uses sage in beans, with polenta, with stews and soups. Our sage plant is 4 feet across and 3 feet high and produces the most BEAUTIFUL flowers for bees. Love the punpkin pasta!!!!

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