Zoe’s Return To Her In And Out Lifestyle

Hi! It’s me, Zoe!

I am waiting to be noticed.

If you will remember, Crazy Cousin Cujo From Canada was here for about 4 months so I was not free to come into the big house lest I get eaten in an untimely fashion or maimed for life. I’m kind of kidding. I think me and Old Cujo had an understanding and Cujo understood I could be quite vicious when required.

So, for me, it is very nice now that I have free access to come and go as I please with no worries about any kind of unpleasant encounters. That is exactly what I have been doing, coming and going, coming and going, coming and going. Momma wonders why I’m so restless. Once I settle down, whether it be in the Big House or in the Barnage, then I am very relaxed and I can nap without moving for a long time.

I have sat down now and am ready for someone to open the door for me.

Once I get inside there are several favorite spots. I try them all out before I decide where I want to hang out.

This sun puddle feels like a good spot! Can you find Floki in this photo?

Then I switch to another spot.

I think I look very smart in this photo.

Then, I decide it’s time to go and I move to the “I wanna go back outside” spot.

I am waiting patiently to be let out.

It will only be a matter of moments before we do this all over again!

Thanks for stoppin’ by and we’ll talk to ya real soon!


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13 thoughts on “Zoe’s Return To Her In And Out Lifestyle

    1. Yes, I really do have some nice spots to choose from that’s for sure! Cujo and her Mom decided to go back to Canada because even though Mom has Medicare because she lived and worked in the US long enough to earn Social Security, she didn’t pay for PART B (I think it’s Part B) from when she turned 62 because she was in Canada at that time so you get penalized 10% for every year you don’t pay it. Also, with the rate of exchange since all her money is in Canada, it felt like she would be losing a lot so she decided to move back.


    1. It is and I’m very much a homebody so I don’t go too far from the safety of the Big House or our Barnage. Floki and Otis on the other hand are dare devils. We let them in the house whenever they want to come in and they are definitely locked in at night for their safety.


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