The Mad Scientist

Hi! Otis here!

Momma caught me red handed brewin’ my concoction for my new COUTURE fragrance line, “Country Cat Couture”. That name is copyrighted so don’t even think about stealin’ it!

The fragrance itself would be called “HP Eau De Zinnia by Otis.” Then I thought Zoe could come up with a second Fragrance fer the ladies.

It was all suppose to be a big secret until I hammered out the recipe. I’m in the tasting phase and I thought that since it was convenient, I could also soak me front paws in it to soften up me toe beans. The good news is ~ IT WORKS!

Now, this here recipe comes from the Zinnia flowers that Momma hand planted herself seed by seed. That’s a lot of seeds! So, that’s real special indeed.

Zinnias on side of house

I mean, as I was thinkin’ on my recipe, I thought we gotta use Zinnias because even the butterflies like ’em, so, they got to be good!

Zinnias out on berm

The Bees like ’em, too! How can you go wrong with Zinnias?

D’another idea I had was the type of water to use. That’s the “Eau De” whatever part. Ya can’t use frickin’ tap water if ya want to be COUTURE. Unfortunately, we don’t have an Artesian well. Buying the water from a third party source seemed a little chintzy so, I went with the most natural solution ~ Rain water from the bosom of Mother Nature herself! I’m absolutely brilliant!

So, my fragrance is very “Au Naturelle” as well. Only 3 ingredients: Homegrown Zinnias, Rainwater and LOVE!

Here I am hard at work on my recipe!

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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We are purrticipatin’ in Cee’s Flower Of The Day Challenge, one of our favs!


15 thoughts on “The Mad Scientist

  1. You have your very own Spa d’Otis, there!!
    When your pawbeans are soft, you might give somefur or being a massage using that spa water!!

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